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Clean Ink Stains from Carpets

Posted by cleanandcleaner on January 16, 2013 at 4:40 PM

Have you ever had an accident with a pen or black ink used for dip or mechanical pens? Have you had the situation to see the ink stain on your expensive carpet and to feel unhelpful because you have no idea how to remove the ugly spot. Just do not get frustrated – the ink stains can be removed easily from carpets using only a few simple steps.

Before Start Cleaning Ink Stains

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when dealing with ink stains is to avoid any kind of rubbing or scrubbing the ink stain area on the carpet. Pushing down, rubbing and scrubbing can additionally damage the carpet by penetrating the ink deeper into the fibres. Find below a method that will help you to get rid of the ugly black stain on your carpet.

1. As a rule most of the hard stains get out of the carpets when you react quickly and start cleaning the area as soon as the accident happens. The quicker you deal with the stain the more likely it is to be successfully removed.

2. Always test the cleaning solution on a small hidden spot of the carpet to make sure the product does not cause discolouration or damage on the fibres of the carpet.

3. Use a clean cotton cloth and wet the corner of the cloth with alcohol.

4. Touch the stain with the wet alcohol cloth and gently clip the ink spot. Wet the cloth with alcohol sever times and dab again carpet area.

5. Repeat the method until the stain is completely gone. Blot the area using clean water to rinse the cleaning solution.

6. Use a dry cloth to absorb the remaining liquids. Place a clean towel on the top of the stain to absorb as much of the moisture as possible.

7. Allow the area to completely dry and try not to walk through the carpet while the stain is still wet.

8. Once the carpet is dry you can notice whether the ink stain is completely removed.

9. When you have cleaned the ink stain from the carpet, vacuum the carpet to restore the fibres to the original texture.

If the above method does not work or you could not remove the stain properly do not hesitate to seek professional assistance. Professional carpet cleaning services will be able to entirely remove the ink stain from the carpet and return the comfort and beauty of your home.

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