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The Worst Housekeeping Chores

Posted by cleanandcleaner on November 8, 2012 at 1:20 PM

Have you wondered – which are the worst housekeeping chores according to the studies? There certainly are many aspects of home cleaning that are really bad in terms of the effort and the time required. Learn which are the housekeeping chores that most people would love to avoid even if this means spending some money on services.


Carpet cleaning is not that bad of a housekeeping chore in terms of regular maintenance. However, when it comes to the need for a deep clean, washing or a speciality cleaning procedure things aren't that bright. The situation becomes worse when a decision has to be made – whether to DIY wash the carpet, to hire specialist cleaners or else.


Oven cleaning has slowly became one of the worst housekeeping chores. Nowadays, many people opt for hiring a cleaning service. Ovens tend to accumulate grease if not maintained regularly, which then becomes really hard to clean.


Another example of a bad chore that people would always prefer to avoid is the fridge cleaning. In fact, this is one of the easiest chores but it requires a considerable effort. This is a chore that requires considerable regularity because everyone wants to have a clean place for keeping the whole family's food. Spills often happen in the fridge, which only increases the importance of this not beloved chore.


Exterior windows cleaning is a chore that is both time and effort consuming. This is why it certainly is amongst the worst of the chores. Besides the need of a ladder and the sometimes extreme conditions, some special equipment might be needed – a squeegee, a microfibre cloth and towels.


The tiles scrubbing in the bathroom might really turn out to be one of the chores to hate. If mould is present it is really makes the situation even worse. When contacted the officials of Cleaners South Kensington reminded that regular effort will make this less of a bad housekeeping chore.

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