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Cleaning Nubuck Leather

Posted by cleanandcleaner on August 20, 2014 at 3:35 PM

Nubuck is a type of leather that is made from cowhide. Nubuck similarly to suede is sanded, the difference between both is that suede is made from the inside of the cowhide and nubuck is made from the outside; nubuck is more durable. Unfortunately this type of leather is extremely vulnerable to stains and dirt. Therefore you have to take care of it by using special tools and detergents.


For more stubborn spots on your nubuck you can turn to professional cleaners for help. The professional housekeeper Sydney services will help you out.


Before you start with the cleaning you will have to make sure, that you got everything you are going to need in the process. You will need napping brush, nubuck sponge also known as eraser, a couple of clean cloths. Wipe the entire nubuck surface with the sponge/eraser for starters. That will remove any light soiling. Take nubuck cloth next and wrap it around the sponge and brush in different directions. That will help you to clean the nap from every side. When this part is done fix the nap by using the napping brush. For more serious soiling you will need nubuck cleaning spray. You can get such from every shoe store. Apply and wipe off after that, read the instructions written on the label.


Accoding to some of Sydney's housekeeping specialist, When you need to clean greasy residues from nubuck, you can use regular leather degreaser. Of course if you are not sure about it, you should turn to professionals. You can take your nubuck leather accessory to dry-cleaning services.

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