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The Bonnet Cleaning Method Revealed

Posted by cleanandcleaner on August 20, 2014 at 3:35 PM

The bonnet cleaning is not one of the mostly used cleaning methods for carpets, but it is surely a good and reliable way to treat your rug. This method is very good for areas, which receive high traffic. For example, the bonnet cleaning is widely used in hotels and restaurants with carpets, as many clients pass through them daily. This article will get you known with this great cleaning technique.



So, how exactly this bonnet cleaning method works? According to the best home cleaners from Sydney , the carpet that you want to clean should be carefully vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner, because the bonnet cleaning method can’t handle the dry dirt particles on the carpet. It usually cleans very effectively stains and dust, but fails to the other types of pollution. Anyway, after the complete vacuuming it is time for you to pick some cleaning concentrate. Make sure to read carefully all the manufacturer’s manuals and instructions before doing anything. You have to prepare this bonnet cleaning solution pour it into the pressure sprayer.


Now when your bonnet cleaning machine is ready for action, you can start cleaning the carpet. Firstly, spray a small area of the carpet and work it out with the bonnet. Make sure to have the area just slightly damp, don’t overdo the cleaning process. If the bonnet is dry, you can slightly damp it too for better cleaning results. Treat all the carpet areas and inspect afterwards. Repeat if you see anything that needs additional cleaning effort.


This carpet cleaning method is usually applied by professional cleaning companies, because of the special machine involved in it. However, you can always buy such a cleaning machine in the nearest janitorial store. Check the bonnet often, because it may easily get heavy soiled. In such a case, you have to flip it over and use the other side, or just replace it.

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