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Cleaning Nubuck Leather

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Nubuck is a type of leather that is made from cowhide. Nubuck similarly to suede is sanded, the difference between both is that suede is made from the inside of the cowhide and nubuck is made from the outside; nubuck is more durable. Unfortunately this type of leather is extremely vulnerable to stains and dirt. Therefore you have to take care of it by using special tools and detergents.


For more stubborn spots on your nubuck you can turn to professional cleaners for help. The professional housekeeper Sydney services will help you out.


Before you start with the cleaning you will have to make sure, that you got everything you are going to need in the process. You will need napping brush, nubuck sponge also known as eraser, a couple of clean cloths. Wipe the entire nubuck surface with the sponge/eraser for starters. That will remove any light soiling. Take nubuck cloth next and wrap it around the sponge and brush in different directions. That will help you to clean the nap from every side. When this part is done fix the nap by using the napping brush. For more serious soiling you will need nubuck cleaning spray. You can get such from every shoe store. Apply and wipe off after that, read the instructions written on the label.


Accoding to some of Sydney's housekeeping specialist, When you need to clean greasy residues from nubuck, you can use regular leather degreaser. Of course if you are not sure about it, you should turn to professionals. You can take your nubuck leather accessory to dry-cleaning services.

The Bonnet Cleaning Method Revealed

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The bonnet cleaning is not one of the mostly used cleaning methods for carpets, but it is surely a good and reliable way to treat your rug. This method is very good for areas, which receive high traffic. For example, the bonnet cleaning is widely used in hotels and restaurants with carpets, as many clients pass through them daily. This article will get you known with this great cleaning technique.



So, how exactly this bonnet cleaning method works? According to the best home cleaners from Sydney , the carpet that you want to clean should be carefully vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner, because the bonnet cleaning method can’t handle the dry dirt particles on the carpet. It usually cleans very effectively stains and dust, but fails to the other types of pollution. Anyway, after the complete vacuuming it is time for you to pick some cleaning concentrate. Make sure to read carefully all the manufacturer’s manuals and instructions before doing anything. You have to prepare this bonnet cleaning solution pour it into the pressure sprayer.


Now when your bonnet cleaning machine is ready for action, you can start cleaning the carpet. Firstly, spray a small area of the carpet and work it out with the bonnet. Make sure to have the area just slightly damp, don’t overdo the cleaning process. If the bonnet is dry, you can slightly damp it too for better cleaning results. Treat all the carpet areas and inspect afterwards. Repeat if you see anything that needs additional cleaning effort.


This carpet cleaning method is usually applied by professional cleaning companies, because of the special machine involved in it. However, you can always buy such a cleaning machine in the nearest janitorial store. Check the bonnet often, because it may easily get heavy soiled. In such a case, you have to flip it over and use the other side, or just replace it.

7 Tips On How To Clean Oriental Rugs

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Everyone wants to make their home look pretty, stylish and elegant. This is not hard at all if you have a basic sense of beauty. And you don't have to buy expensive stuff to make your home look nice, you can make great vases using wine glasses or light bulbs. You can make a lamp with plastic bottle glue and some plastic spoons. You cab even make a mat for the bathroom using good rubber pad, pebbles and tile glue.

Of course little things can be compared to a handmade Persian carpet or an oriental rug, not to mention a high quality leather furniture. So if you're one of those lucky people possessing such objects you have to know how to take proper care for them. For example if you have a leather sofa, you should know that once a year you have to condition it. You should also know that in order to clean a stain you don't have to look for a special detergent, toothpaste will do the trick most of the time.

Prolonging The Life Of Your Rugs

But we're going to talk about rugs and how to clean them, more specifically oriental rugs. Beautiful colours, handmade they bring exotic atmosphere to your home. The question is how to clean and maintain them, since they're expensive and you can't afford to replace them every few years? First of all get a good vacuum cleaner and make sure you thoroughly vacuum the rug at least twice a week. Most oriental rugs are handmade and often tightly wound so dust and grime can't penetrate into the fibers.

Do not keep your rug exposed to sunlight, because this will damage it permanently. If you have no other choice rotate it so it can evenly wear off. Place a pad underneath to reduce wearing due to traffic and pressure. The pads also prevent the rug from moving, very useful if you have hardwood flooring. Do not attempt steam cleaning because you'll damage the fibers, wool is moisture sensitive fabric and water combined with high temperature will loosen the fibers.

If you can't contact a professional cleaning company and you have to deal with stain, use cold water and mild liquid detergent. Chemicals and bleach will permanently damage the rug causing discolouration. Most people think deep cleaning is done once a year, but I recommend you ask a cleaning specialist, because it is different for all carpets.

Tips on Cleaning Cotton Curtains

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Cotton is probably the most commonly used material to make any kind of fabric, including upholstery, clothes and curtains. Unfortunately nowadays there are quite a few things made from 100% cotton, it is mixed with different synthetic fibers. This is to make it more durable, but it also changes some of its qualities. This is your personal choice, I strive to reduce the amount of synthetic objects in my everyday life. Back on the subject – cotton curtains and how to clean them properly. 

Actually it is not so hard to clean curtains as long as you follow some simple steps and find out what kind of material you're dealing with. For example some synthetic fibers are sensitive to heat and if you attempt to iron your curtains after you've cleaning, you'll ruin them. Same goes for the washing machine, because some fabrics must be hand washed. Silk for example is very intolerant to moisture, therefore dry cleaning is recommended.

Easy to Implement Steps to Clean Curtains

In order to keep your curtains in good shape and enjoy them longer you'll have to spare some time every week fr maintenance. Depending on the thickens of your curtains you'll vacuum clean them or just shake them a little. There are special attachments on the cleaner, use soft brushes if available. The truth is regardless of their vertical position curtains accumulate as much dust and dirt as upholstery and carpets. Some fabrics like silk attract grime even more, therefore you have to remove it weekly.


We have came the point when we'll have to take the curtains off and attempt to wash them. Assuming they're not moisture sensitive and don't require dry cleaning. Don't risk putting them into the washing machine, because some are very delicate and you can tear them. Hand washing is the most safe way, although you'll loose some time. Remember to use only cold water, otherwise you risk shrinking them. Apply mild detergent or liquid soap on an unconscious area to make sure you don't damage the fabric.

Don't scrub and squeeze too hard or you'll harm the cloth, an use little cleaning solution, because you won't be able to completely rinse the curtain, which will result in dirt attracting residue. If you're lucky and the label on the back of the curtains allow it you can dry them in a dryer. If you let them dry completely you won't be able to remove the wrinkles, so remove them while they're damp and use iron to return their good looks. Some people also hangs them and let their weight and gravity do the job. 

If you're going to clean curtains in a washing machine put them in a pillowcase, that way you'll protect the fabric. Use cold water and no centrifuge and whatever you do do not apply bleach, it will weaken the fibers and reducing the useful lifespan of your curtains. If you have any doubts, seek professional help from cleaning company.

Clean Ink Stains from Carpets

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Have you ever had an accident with a pen or black ink used for dip or mechanical pens? Have you had the situation to see the ink stain on your expensive carpet and to feel unhelpful because you have no idea how to remove the ugly spot. Just do not get frustrated – the ink stains can be removed easily from carpets using only a few simple steps.

Before Start Cleaning Ink Stains

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when dealing with ink stains is to avoid any kind of rubbing or scrubbing the ink stain area on the carpet. Pushing down, rubbing and scrubbing can additionally damage the carpet by penetrating the ink deeper into the fibres. Find below a method that will help you to get rid of the ugly black stain on your carpet.

1. As a rule most of the hard stains get out of the carpets when you react quickly and start cleaning the area as soon as the accident happens. The quicker you deal with the stain the more likely it is to be successfully removed.

2. Always test the cleaning solution on a small hidden spot of the carpet to make sure the product does not cause discolouration or damage on the fibres of the carpet.

3. Use a clean cotton cloth and wet the corner of the cloth with alcohol.

4. Touch the stain with the wet alcohol cloth and gently clip the ink spot. Wet the cloth with alcohol sever times and dab again carpet area.

5. Repeat the method until the stain is completely gone. Blot the area using clean water to rinse the cleaning solution.

6. Use a dry cloth to absorb the remaining liquids. Place a clean towel on the top of the stain to absorb as much of the moisture as possible.

7. Allow the area to completely dry and try not to walk through the carpet while the stain is still wet.

8. Once the carpet is dry you can notice whether the ink stain is completely removed.

9. When you have cleaned the ink stain from the carpet, vacuum the carpet to restore the fibres to the original texture.

If the above method does not work or you could not remove the stain properly do not hesitate to seek professional assistance. Professional carpet cleaning services will be able to entirely remove the ink stain from the carpet and return the comfort and beauty of your home.

Interesting Places in Islington

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Islington interesting placesThe Angel Building is a 1980’s Islington based commercial block which in the year 2010 was converted into a top-notch award winning office edifice by prominent architects AHMM (Allford Hall Monaghan Morris). Angel Building is located on the corner of St. John Street and Pentonville Road. Angel Building has 260,000 square feet in which you can find office spaces, large roof balconies, plenty or artwork and office areas. The ingenious design of the building has earned it several national prestigious awards in the year 2011.

Today the Angel Building is considered as one of the most beautiful edifices of Islington, London and the country as a whole. The Little Angel Theater was founded during the 60s of the past century by world famous puppeteer John Wilkes. Today Little Angel Theater is one of the best children theaters in the city. Here kids can see various plays whose main characters are lively fascinating puppets. Many consider the theater as the best place to see and admire the art of puppetry. The theater also opens its doors to the public every Sunday so that the children can play with the puppets and stage their own plays. The Parasol Unit is a non-profit building that promotes the work of young and talented local artists. Here Londoners can see numerous contemporary artworks. The Parasol Unit is a privately funded charity work which also funds local young artists which want to evolve in the world of art. Here art lovers can also see the works of artists from other parts of the world as Parasol Unit’s mission is to promote and showcase the young artists of the world as well.

Throughout the year the foundation that supervises Parasol Unit showcases several exhibitions in which are displayed artworks from various fields such as photography, cinematography, sculpting, painting and etc. Each of these exhibits is open to the public and charge fee. As you can see Islington has several interesting places worth visiting. If you are relocating to Islington hire a man and van London based company. In terms of man and van Islington has some of the best firms in the city.

Cleaning Doormats And Small Rugs

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Whether you have a carpet or laminate flooring, you most certainly have small rugs and doormats. Ant they need maintenance as well. It is proven that doormats gather almost ninety percent of the dirt and grime. Therefore, you need to clean them even more often. I'm sure you know how to manage with the big carpet in your living room, probably own a cleaning machine, but you don't need to use heavy artillery for small rugs. There is just no need, since you can just put them in the washing machine.

Cleaning By Hand 

All in all small mats have quite delicate surfaces, although it doesn't seem that way. The material is of significance, wool, synthetic and polyester are treated differently. And of course there is the occasional rubber padding, you should take in mind. First thing you should look at is the label. That way you'll know if it is safe to put it in the washing machine. If so don't hesitate, go for it and all your problems are solved. Otherwise there is a simple solution, but you'll have to do it by hand.

Take a soft brush, appropriate cleaning solution, some fabric softener and a little of your laundry detergent. Mix with warm water and start scrubbing gently. Small rugs dry relatively fast, so don't worry about over wetting it. Rinse very well, because if there is any remaining detergent, the rug may become like a magnet for dirt and grime. After you're finished you may put it in the dryer or squeeze hard, to remove as much excess water as possible. You may also put a fan underneath it. 

Washing Machine To The Rescue

If you have a green light for the washing machine, here is what you're going to do. Pre-wash comes first. Set it to cold water just to be sure. The worst thing you can do is wash a wool rug with hot water. This will cause shrinking and you may also damage the padding. The actual washing should be with cold water too and switch to delicate cycle. Refrain from using centrifuge, because it can damage the fibers of the rug. Always dry mats inside, because direct sunlight damages the fabric.

Last but not least if you have any doubts and don't want to risk damaging the rug, better use professional help. There are some really good companies for carpet cleaning Putney offering great services.

The Worst Housekeeping Chores

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Have you wondered – which are the worst housekeeping chores according to the studies? There certainly are many aspects of home cleaning that are really bad in terms of the effort and the time required. Learn which are the housekeeping chores that most people would love to avoid even if this means spending some money on services.


Carpet cleaning is not that bad of a housekeeping chore in terms of regular maintenance. However, when it comes to the need for a deep clean, washing or a speciality cleaning procedure things aren't that bright. The situation becomes worse when a decision has to be made – whether to DIY wash the carpet, to hire specialist cleaners or else.


Oven cleaning has slowly became one of the worst housekeeping chores. Nowadays, many people opt for hiring a cleaning service. Ovens tend to accumulate grease if not maintained regularly, which then becomes really hard to clean.


Another example of a bad chore that people would always prefer to avoid is the fridge cleaning. In fact, this is one of the easiest chores but it requires a considerable effort. This is a chore that requires considerable regularity because everyone wants to have a clean place for keeping the whole family's food. Spills often happen in the fridge, which only increases the importance of this not beloved chore.


Exterior windows cleaning is a chore that is both time and effort consuming. This is why it certainly is amongst the worst of the chores. Besides the need of a ladder and the sometimes extreme conditions, some special equipment might be needed – a squeegee, a microfibre cloth and towels.


The tiles scrubbing in the bathroom might really turn out to be one of the chores to hate. If mould is present it is really makes the situation even worse. When contacted the officials of Cleaners South Kensington reminded that regular effort will make this less of a bad housekeeping chore.

The Notorious Regent?s Park Open Air Theatre

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Regent’s Park Open Air TheatreRegent’s Park Open Air Theater is the oldest open air theatre in London. Even more the theatre has one of largest auditoriums in the capital city. Each year the theatre is visited by the astonishing figure of over 140,000 viewers. The theatre was founded in the year 1932 and since then it hosts every summer its visitors for a 16 week summer season abundant in various spectacular productions. The first successful play that was staged at the theatre was the black and white production of “The Twelfth Night” by Robert Atkins and Sydney Carroll. In the year 1933 the first summer season of the theatre was inaugurated and “The Twelfth Night” was restated along.

The grand opening was marked by another masterpiece “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” which was staged for the first time. Since then “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is an integral part of the thereat's history given that there were and still are countless interpretations of the play staged during the summer seasons of the Regent’s Park Open Air Theater programme. Famous George Bernard Shaw specially wrote “The Six of Calais” play for the second summer season of the theatre in the year 1934. Also in the same year prominent British actors Anna Neagle and Jack Hawkins stared as Orsino and Olivia in the third staging of the “Twelfth Night”. During the Second World War the theater staged only matinees due to the night blackouts. At that time the Windmill Theater and Regent’s Park Open Air Theater were the only two functioning theatres in the city.

In the years after the war the theatre staged mainly comedies such as John in 1848, Faust in 1949, The Winter’s Tale in 1950 and Cymbeline in 1952 in order to elevate the spirit of the local population. Since its opening up until nowadays the theatre has staged the most popular plays known to mankind. As you can see Camden is an interesting place to live in. If you are in the process of moving seek and hire a house removals London based firm to aid you. In terms of man and van Camden has some of the best companies in the country.

Why Choose Wood as a Basic Material for Your Floor

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You wonder what the true advantages of wood flooring are – read on and educate yourself with this brief overview of its core characteristics:

1. It enhances the overall ambience of the room. Wood floors bring a cosier and welcoming atmosphere to any room. According to numerous inquiries, wood is the most favoured house building material. Many experts explain this tendency with the fact that people perceive it as a piece of nature brought directly into their homes.

2. Lifespan - wood floors have the longest lifespan of all flooring materials. It is proven that well cared for wooded floors can last for more than a century. It is no coincidence that most ancient edifices throughout the world have wooden floors. These buildings can serve as a valid evidence of the durability of wooden floors.

3. Maintenance - wood floors do not require strenuous maintenance. Just vacuum and mop clean the floor on a weekly basis and re-wax the floor every five to ten years. Also every now and then you can hire a flooring company that offers various wood floors installation based services to aid you with the maintenance. By hiring such firms you will be able to prolong even more the lifespan and excellent appearance of your wooden floor. To find the coordinates of these companies type wood flooring London on your computer’s internet search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

4. Allergies - unlike other flooring materials, wood does not offer favourable conditions for allergens. This means that by having a wooden floor you will have an allergy-free environment in your home.

5. Price - although wood floors are much more expensive then laminate floors which mimic wood, they are worth the investment. No matter how good the laminate floor is it will never be able to imitate in full the beauty of natural wood.


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